California Earthquake Insurance

Personal Lines Insurance

Like Flood insurance, Earthquake insurance must be purchased separately and when you purchase your homeowners insurance policy they are legally required to offer you earthquake insurance as an additional policy.

However, living in California, you understand that earthquakes are a way of life. Most earthquakes are small and don’t cause any major damage, just some rattled nerves. But what happens when there is an earthquake that shakes and rocks and rolls all of your belongings onto the floor, breaking them into pieces; cracks your walls and maybe even your foundation? Your Homeowners' policy is not going to cover that. Any repairs or replacements would have to come out of your pocket. And forget any kind of government disaster relief programs, they are only there to help get you back on your feet. Not replace everything you lost.

Earthquake Insurance is one policy that is worth spending that little extra each year on while we wait for "The Big One"
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