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Motorcycle Insurance

Everyone who rides a motorcycle must have motorcycle insurance. Whether you are just the occasional weekend rider or you ride your bike to and from work every day, you must be covered, just like an automobile. Motorcycle insurance covers the motorcycle from damage caused by an accident as well as liability to other vehicles or injury caused to any other party that is involved.

You also get coverage for a number of accessories that are associated with riding. For example your helmet, leathers, saddlebags and backrest should all be covered. The insurance on these accessories is limited on the amounts covered so if you have an expensive helmet or other accessory it is recommended that you insure it separately.

Any damage done to your motorcycle due to the weather, unless it was cause while being stored correctly (i.e.: in a garage or carport) is not covered. Any damage that is done to custom work unless it was outlined in the beginning will also not be covered.

Watercraft / Boat Insurance

Depending on the type and size of the watercraft you own, Watercraft insurance may not be necessary. Now we are talking about maybe a canoe or maybe a kayak. But sail boats, jet boats and jet skis are required to have watercraft insurance.

This is not your typical insurance either, there are a lot more things that are covered with watercraft policies, including injury to another person, damage to another's watercraft or dock, legal expenses incurred when you let someone else use your watercraft, medical payments for injuries sustained by you and passengers, and theft.

Policies also cover loss of the watercraft. Optional coverage includes uninsured boater, fishing equipment, other personal items, fuel spill liability, wreckage removal, and associated water sports like skiing or kneeboarding. Operating a watercraft that has been modified to enhance the performance will not be covered, if you were operating the watercraft without a driver's license or after dark, any damages that occurred will not be covered.

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Do I Need Powersports Insurance?
Trikes & Hacks

Whether you are purchasing a trike with all the extras or a vintage VW bug for weekend road-trips, insurance is a necessity. Likewise, hacks-or sidecars-may also require specialized motorcycle insurance coverage.

Scooters & Mopeds

Many people think of a scooter or moped as an alternative to a bicycle, but new models have more horsepower than you might think. Generally speaking, a motorized scooter or bike-type vehicle with 50 ccs or more might require motorcycle insurance.

Off-Road Motorcycles & Powersports

Whether you use an off-road motorcycle for cruising the trails or drive a specialized ATV or dirt bike, discuss powersports insurance with your representative to make sure you have the coverage you need.